Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Healing Cycle - How Soon Does It Feel Better?

Hello from Dr. Gilad Segev’s American Lipo Centers.  This week’s post is all about the healing cycle.  Besides “What areas should I get done?,” the next most popular question people ask is “What’s the recovery like?”  Well, the real answer is: “It’s different for every patient.”  However, there are some guidelines that I can give to all of you out there thinking about laser lipo or who have just had it done, here’s a little time line.  Through every phase, you should be drinking LOTS of water.

·         Days 1, 2 and 3
This means the day of your procedure and the 2 days after.  You’ll need plenty rest and relaxation where you don’t have to work or run significant errands. You will be VERY sore and tender.  However, you will be able to walk, shower, climb stairs, drive [no driving day of procedure], cook, dress yourself, take care of your little ones, etc.  You can return to work on the 3rd day after your procedure, example: procedure on Friday, back to work on Monday)
·         First Full Week
You’ll be tender and sore and moving a little slower, but able to take care of yourself.  You can return to the gym after 7 days, but you probably won’t do 100% of your normal workout.  Around this time, “nodularity” may set in.  This is where you can get nodules or hard spots in the area(s) you had laser liposuctioned.  These hard spots can range from a small knot to the entire area being stiff or very hard.  Nodularity is a normal and is simply fluid retention in the area liposuctioned.  Regardless of water retention, it is important to keep drinking your water.
·         By the end of Week 2
You’ll be in much better shape, but you’ll still have bloating and swelling. You’ll probably still have nodularity to deal with, but it should be less intense.  Some patients may feel they are very bloated and swollen at this phase, but this will go away soon!  Drink your water!!
·         Weeks 4 through 12
All of your swelling, bruising, nodularity and tenderness will go away (4 weeks for the average patient; 6 weeks – 12 weeks for us slower healing patients).  12 weeks is where you will see 100% of your results; however, most people see 90% of their results by weeks 4 – 6.  It is important to eat well and have a normal diet with only the occasional splurge to get the best results.  Exercise also helps!
[This is all written from my POV, Myia]

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  1. Hi Myia,

    I am so happy that I came across your blog today. I had the laser lipo procedure done at the Alexandria office a week ago. I am still quite tender, and believe that nodularity has set in which concerned me a little. However, after reading your blog, I not only understand what it is, but also that it is a normal occurrence (of course I will confirm this with the doctor at my follow-up appointment). And I feel better about what I am experiencing.

    Reading your blog and the first-hand account you've provided has not only set my mind at ease, but it also increases my confidence in the decision that I made to have laser lipo done. And I am already seeing results!!!


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