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What Area(s) of My Body Should I Have Laser Liposuctioned?

My job at American Lipo Centers is many fold, but one of the most important things that I do is counsel potential patients about what area or areas of their bodies they should get done.   When I ask: “What areas of your body are you interested in having laser liposuctioned?” – many people say “Everywhere.  Take ALL my fat!”  But there are myriad reasons why everywhere is not an option.

Many people cannot afford to have multiple areas done at one time, some people after being seen by the doctor realize that diet and exercise will take care of some problem areas while the laser lipo procedure will be better suited for others.  Whatever the reason for not being able to get “everywhere” laser liposuctioned, there is often a decision to be made as to whether to get these couple of areas done or these other areas done.

So how can you decide what to get done when “everywhere” is what you want laser liposuctioned?  First, you need to know what areas can and cannot be laser liposuctioned.

Areas we laser liposuction at American Lipo Centers:
-          Chin/Jaw Line
-          Arms (biceps/triceps area)
-          Male Chest
-          Upper Abs (belly above the navel)
-          Lower Abs (belly below the navel)
-          Flanks (love handles/muffin top)
-          Rear Flanks (rear love handles above the buttocks)
-          Hips
-          Outer thighs (stand up and put your hands at your side – pat your thighs, that’s your outer thighs)
-          Inner Thigh Next to the Knee
-          Inner Thighs (Only after the doctor evaluates the amount of fat in the area and makes sure you have realistic expectations of results)
-          Back (Again, needs doctor’s evaluation)

Areass we do NOT laser liposuction at American Lipo Centers:
-          Buttocks (too many nerves and muscles for clinical procedure)
-          Back of the Legs (with rare exceptions and Dr. Segev’s evaluation at our clinic, we may do back of the legs)
-          Female Chest (this is major surgery – breast reduction)
-          Tummy Tuck/Abdominoplasty (this is major surgery and we do not perform this procedure)

Ok, so you’ve looked at the lists of what we do and what we don’t do.  You’ve come in for a FREE consultation at American Lipo Centers with Dr. Gilad Segev and we’ve determined that you are a good candidate for Laser Liposuction.  BUT…you still want to have multiple areas done but can’t decide on what to get done based on price, downtime, or some other reason.

I would suggest that you decide based on answers to list below:
-          I think about having smaller X body part(s) the most when I think about losing weight.
-          Diet and exercise have not made X body part(s) smaller.
-          If I had smaller X body part(s) I could buy the next size down in clothing.
-          I can only afford X budget, and when I turn it over in my mind again and again, I know that I definitely want smaller X body part(s).

It may not take away ALL of your fat or keep you from wanting MORE laser liposuction in the future, but trust your decision-making and honor your choice.  Don’t second guess yourself once you decide.  You’ll know that you made the right decision! 

And if this post STILL didn’t help you make up your mind – call me at work and let’s chew it over 1-877-860-7927 or email me

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  1. It's depend on you which area you want to do a laser Liposuction surgery. If you think I want to do Arm Laser Liposuction or Lower Abs, Upper Abs anywhere you can do the Laser Liposuction surgery.



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