Sunday, July 31, 2011

2 Weeks After Laser Lipo (with pictures)

It’s been 2 weeks since my laser lipo of my upper abs (above navel), lower abs (below navel) and flanks (love handles) by Dr. Segev (Virginia) did my procedure at the American Lipo Centers’ clinic in Alexandria, VA.  I love my results already!  Even with my swelling and nodularity, you can see the difference.  My size 14s that were fitting perfectly before the procedure are now too big!  Size 12 is fitting well and medium bottoms look great too. 

Ok, so nodularity refers to the fluid retention in my abdomen and flank where I had the procedure done.  It feels like there’s a layer of water over my muscles.  It feels tight and little sore – but mostly like discomfort more so than pain.  You can see some of the nodularity in my pictures below, but that subsides with pressure (massage), drinking lots of fluids to flush myself out and time!

I had a lymphatic drainage massage on Friday just before I took the pictures below and it felt GREAT!  My muscles are tight with the fluid buildup but Claudia my masseuse is a dream.  She worked on the areas I had laser liposuctioned and I immediately felt a difference in how much more loose my muscles felt.  This type of massage also promotes my healing to be nice and even so that all of abdomen and my love handles will be smooth as I heal.  So I’ll be getting these massages 3 times a week for the time being to promote good results.  After 1 session, I’m pleased.  Next one is tomorrow (Monday).  I’ll keep everyone posted on how the massages help my progression towards sexy. 

But massages aside, Dr. Segev did a good job getting me even, significant fat loss!  I've also been doing my part doing Weight Watchers meals, lots of water and having cut out sweet drinks and unhealthy snacks.

I’ve posted side-by-side pics of my 2 week progress.

Email me if you have questions – I’m here to help my readers make good decisions about laser lipo.


 (Before is in Beige/Pink) - 2 Weeks After is in White/White)




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