Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So I’m getting Laser Liposuction!

I work in a laser lipo clinic and I love my job.  It’s very interesting and it feels great to help empower people to change their appearance.  Many of our patients have been struggling with their weight for years and they are so happy to have the opportunity to get rid of this extra weight they’ve been carrying.  For others, it’s a bit of self-indulgence to get rid of the tuft(s) of fat that sit atop their almost perfect bodies.  In either case, the patient’s care and concerns for their personal wellbeing and goals are most important.
Now it’s MY TURN! I talk about what parts people wish to shrink daily and I’ve finally decided to allow my favorite doctor, Dr. Gilad Segev to laser liposuction my most troubling areas – my upper abdominals (above the belly button), lower abdominals (below the belly button) and flanks (my love handles).  If I’m a “tough” patient, I will also get my rear flanks done. 
This blog will follow my journey to get laser lipo and also the journeys of some of our American Lipo Center patients as they take the same ride.
More to come tomorrow about the procedure, our doctor and our center.  Friday, you’ll get a deeper view  of me and my body and the journey it is about to take.  Come back soon!  Post questions!   


  1. Liposuction is surgery for losing unwanted fat from body. In laser liposuction doctors using laser to melt down fat.After that fat is suction out from the area which is targeted.In this technique only fat cells targeted other veins, tissue are being unharmed. In this surgery there is no pain and it is effective also.


  2. Regardless of what technique you choose to have, your first top priority when thinking about liposuction is choosing a reputable plastic surgeon.


  3. A dentist once told me that when a friend comes as a client usually complications appear even if he does the same things on usual patients....he said it's something strange because usually you want to do the best you can for a friend.
    This was the reason why I chose to go for my liposcution Toronto surgery at big clinic in town even if a friend has a small clinic where he performs liposuction surgeries.


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