Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday - 5 Days Since the Procedure

I took this last set of pics yesterday.  I won't take any more until I get to my 2 week mark.  I took these to show my bruising and swelling and the healing of my incision cites.  I couldn't be happier with this procedure.  I expected more pain after the fact and this is really more discomfort.  I've been taking Extra Strength Tylenol rather than the heavy stuff during the day but taking 1 Vicodeine at night.  It's been working fine - with addition on icing with a frozen towel (with a dry pillow case between the towel and my skin).

the garments leave lines on your body, that fade in a few minutes

bruising and swelling
incisions are shrinking daily
Dr. Segev says I'm healing so well.  Some people take more time to heal and some people are in more pain and have more bruising afterward.  This is totally MY STORY, but it is real and I'm happy.

I've been at work 2 days and day 1 was a bit uncomfortable because I had to sit all day, but Tuesday - I blue a FLAT and had to deal with that standing from 8a - 1p with minimal sitting in between and then sitting from 1 - 7pm.  That helped.  My legs are a little swollen because of gravity pulling some of the swelling from my abdomen down to my thighs, but it is minimal and totally ok to deal with.
I switched compression garments from the 1 piece super deal to a waist binder and support panties. 

Tomorrow, I will do a post on garments alone - there's lots to post about that.  I will pair this with tricks on staying comfortable.  If you have questions in the meantime, email me at work AND if you want to talk to me about other lipo stuff, it's PRIVATE and you can email me their as well.

the cellulite doesn't go away, but it's less fat - just bruised

tummy is swollen, but getting flat!

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