Saturday, July 23, 2011

A week after surgery, with PICTURES!

So it's been a week since Dr. Segev (Virginia) did my laser lipo surgery on my upper abs, lower abs and flanks (above the navel, below the navel and the love handles) at American Lipo Centers.

Dr. Segev says I'm looking good.  My wounds are all either scabbed (and pealing) OR healed.  I’m happy about that.  My bruising is almost done too – at least it’s much better.  I still have the swelling and that’s expected to last for 4 weeks after the procedure.  Some days there is more swelling than others – and with the heat, the swelling has not been fun.  I’m also getting my “time of the month” in the next few days and I can see and feel my normal monthly bloating.  The good news is, when that time passes, the monthly water will pass and I will see even more improvement.

In terms of my soreness, it feels like I’ve been working out.  It doesn’t hurt unless I bend deeply.  It’s more of an annoying kind of “ok workout over” kind of feeling than anything else.

I’ve been going to work every day and doing little things after like shopping and planning a party for my little foster sister and dealing with a flat tire – so by no means is this procedure a downer for a considerably healthy person. (I’m 32 and I DO have a degenerative disc disease in my spine and some other junk like low thyroid and high blood pressure and I have been doing aces over kings since my procedure.)

Progress – last night I went to do Karaoke (a double date) and I wore stretch pants and a fitted tank and all my sister and everyone could do was admire Dr. Segev’s work because I didn’t wear my compression garment, it was just me in revealing clothing.  My girlfriend says I have amazing curves now!  That was all I needed to hear.

I’m posting pics but remember I’m bloated from my “lady visitor” but it’s still good for week one!  Enjoy the pics and I’ll be back on Monday with “Dr. Segev Says” a new feature where the Doctor himself will address issues around laser lipo. 

Mug Shot 1

Mug Shot 2

sorry it's upside down (laying down)

scabs and bruises fading

Hip and rear scar.  Some swelling, but a shape!!!

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