Saturday, July 16, 2011

The After Party: Pictures Post Surgery

Hi all!  Hope you're liking my journey.  I'm loving it!  So the surgery was yesterday and it was not bad at all.  First, I got marked up (pics on yesterday's entry).  Then I got filled with numbing medication (lidicane) and saline.  That part burned a little, but it was tolerable.  Then I was numb and it was time for Dr. Segev to melt the fat with a laser.  I felt nothing but pressure - light pressure.  Then it was suction time.  That was easy breezy for the most part but there were a couple areas that needed more lidocae and then it was on and popping.  The whole deal took about an hour and a half and when I was done, 3 liters of fat (see below) we out of my body.  Not everyone gets 3 liters, it just depends on how much subcutaneous fat you've got - well I had a lot.  My friends and family noticed the difference RIGHT AFTER SURGERY.  Dr. Segev and American Lipo Centers are amazing and I've already got friends and family lined up to get some done too.

I did drain last night and I've got some pictures of that below.  It's gross but worth it.  It's mostly saline, but it's got some blood mixed in too.  Today, I ran some errands this morning and I'm going to a concert tonight.  Yes, I'm feeling that good, and I'm at least a few inches smaller - even with the swelling.

Love you guys - thanks for the support and prayers.  Now hit me up for discounts on the procedure :O) FREE consultations and big discounts for mentioning my blog. 

Blog you tomorrow,


Carolina (our LPN) with my fat

my fat!

AFTER front

After Back

After Side

Drainage from sleeping

No drainage after I changed it once


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