Friday, July 15, 2011

I had it done!

Hi! My procedure was at 6pm and it was GREAT!  We talked through the whole thing.  Dr. Segev and Carolina our LPN were amazing.  And I got SO much fat taken out.  Here are pictures.  I'll take you through the ins and outs tomorrows.  But for now, here are before and after pictures...what you REALLY want :)

waiting all day...

Carolina, our LPN getting everything sterile

procedure room before

all marked up 1

all marked up 2

on the table, getting started

Dr. Segev getting started

Dr,. Segev numbing

Tomorrow I'll show you the FAT and the AFTER pics from a few minutes adter surgery.  TOnight, I feel great.  Drugged and tired and leaky, but really good.  No "pain" just soreness. 

THe worst part of the procedure was getting numbed but it was find after that.  Not bad at all :)


  1. Only you would pose like a supermodel! You betta work!

    Lookin' good. Now, put that wig back on...quick, lol!

  2. Myia, you have beautiful skin & your happiness just radiates from you. This lipo is simply going to enhance the beauty that you already are. I'm anxious to see your after pics.


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